The Pink Bunker (Battery Hulu)

Oh the places a wrong turn will take you.  While looking for the popular Pink Bunker of Puu-O-Hulu, we stumbled across an abandoned treasure. Continue reading

Napali Coast/Kalalau Trail (Day 3)

Kauai Hawaii Napali Coast Kalalau beach fishing creek river stream prawns seafood feast hippies jungle forest living the dream catch 3 prong spearfishing spearing dude bro guy man

On our third day, we decided we wanted to attempt to be completely self sufficient, meaning not eating any of the provisions we had packed for out trip.  Therefore, we would need to hunt, fish, or gather fruit/vegetables to provide ourselves with enough food for that day.  We were all super stoked at the idea, even though most of us had only foraged at the neighborhood Walmart. Continue reading