The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Midway Atoll part 5)

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Hopefully I have adequately conveyed the numerous things there are to do and see around Midway Atoll, if you ever get a chance to go. However, some of you may be wondering what you can do on such a tiny speck of land when you just want to unwind. Continue reading

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Midway Atoll part 4)

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As we explored the different islands of Midway Atoll, I was amazed at the amount of military artifacts that we came across.  To tread on the same ground that the famous battle of Midway occurred on would often cause me to pause and reflect on the atrocities that turned such a beautiful paradise into a living hell for the soldiers who were stationed here. Continue reading

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (Midway Atoll part 1)

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I recently just returned from an amazing trip to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  The Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument is wild and beautiful place that I had been dreaming of going to for years. Continue reading